Review: No Make No Life August Subscription Box

No Make No Life August Box Flatlay

No Make No Life (NMNL) is a Tokyo-based subscription box that delivers a monthly boxes of beauty related products. This company is behind the Tokyo Treat and Yume Twins subscription boxes. The team from No Make No Life aim to curate and deliver high-quality and unique Japanese beauty products to improve your daily beauty routine. Each month’s box of goodies are sent out in a simple black cardboard box with the brand initials “nmnl” printed on the top. I have now been subscribed to the No Make No Like boxes for a few months and enjoyed discovering what new things are inside.

So let’s take a look at what was inside the August box.

Hada Bijin Tofu Soap

Hada Bijin Tofu Soap

This soap is packaged to look like a freshly made tofu in a little basket that also serves as a soap dish. A foaming net is included to help you create the perfect bubbly lather every time. This tofu soap, like the name suggests, includes ingredients that are used in the tofu-making process such as soybean extract and bittern that are meant to have moisturising properties. The Hada Bijin Tofu Soap also contains extracts of apricot seed, yuzu fruit and polyglutamic acid to retain the moisture in the skin. I don’t usually use soap and am more of a body wash person so wasn’t as interested with this addition in this month’s box but I do like the fun packaging and the ingredient lists does intrigue me.

Lassic Creamy Mint Body Massage Milk

Lassic Creamy Mint Body Massage Milk

The Lassic Creamy Mint Body Massage Milk has a nice refreshing minty scent that is cooling like menthol. This body milk also doubles as a massage milk. This formula has various skin tightening ingredients such as caffeine and extracts from orange, lemon and bilberry. In addition, it includes the skin nourishing hyaluronic acid. The body milk is lightweight, non-sticky and has a slight cool and tingling sensation when applied to the skin, so would be the perfect body moisturiser for Summer. I actually really like this body milk and was a little unsure when I first read that it was mint scented. I was worried it’d smell like toothpaste but I actually quite enjoy this refreshing scent and the nice cooling feeling it has on my skin. It’s still winter here in Sydney so I’m saving this for use in Summer.

Coupy-Design Gel Eyeliner

Coupy-Design Gel Eyeliner

This purple gel eyeliner was created by Decora Girl and Coupy. The eyeliner is a gel type that has a very creamy texture that glides on smoothly and with just one swipe gives a very pretty opaque colour. The shade is a very pigmented purple that I don’t see myself using very often even though purple is my favourite colour. When it comes to eyeliner I tend to be boring and stick to just brown or black but I guess this would be a fun pop of colour to try this Summer. The eyeliner comes in a thin plastic case and is a non-retractable type so make sure to only roll up the amount you need to use. Luckily in the NMNL booklet they put a little note about this as it would have been a waste if I had rolled up too much of the eyeliner. This eyeliner is a waterproof formula so you can expect it to last all day. It also contains 10 moisturising ingredients to ensure it will keep your eye makeup looking fresh all day.

Candy Faceline Massage Toothbrush

Candy Faceline Massage Toothbrush

This massage toothbrush is definitely an unexpected and unusual addition to this month’s box. This dual-purpose toothbrush was supposedly created in collaboration with dentists. This toothbrush has super fine bristles that are meant to clean your teeth whilst massaging the inside of your mouth with the little round ball attached to the back of the toothbrush. The ball is meant to massage your laugh lines and can be used on your lips to make them look plump. Out of all the products I received in the NMNL boxes, this toothbrush was probably the most disappointing and strangest find so far. I’m not too sure why this was included as it just seems completely random and like something they threw in last-minute to fill the box. It looks cheap, tacky and like something you would find at a dollar shop.

Rune Naito's Rune Girl Face Masks

Rune Naito’s Rune Girl Face Masks

According to the information provided in the NMNL booklet, Rune Naito is ‘one of the founding fathers of the modern “kawaii” culture’. The packaging for these Rune Girl Face Masks feature his artworks and comes with 2 face masks. The formula is meant to be moisturising and nourishing for dry and tired skin. This is like a standard sheet mask that is meant to be placed on cleansed skin, removed after around 10 minutes and then any remaining serum is to be pat into the skin. I love a good sheet mask so am looking forward to trying this out.

NMNL No Make No Life August Box Flatlay


I wasn’t so impressed with this month’s box and is definitely my most disappointing one so far. My favourite month to date has to be the July’s NMNL box. I find that with the NMNL boxes they are one of the most affordable and good value subscription boxes out there since they offer worldwide free shipping. I do like that they offer a unique bunch of products every month but I find that many of the boxes have a few duds and a product selection that is very hit or miss. I couldn’t find the retail value for all the products in this month’s box so can’t really say to the actual value of this month’s box but for me personally it was a bit of a letdown. Overall I find that the various amount of products included are not always the best quality. I have decided to stop my subscription to the NMNL box for now as I find that I don’t completely love or use everything in the boxes. I may subscribe again in the future and will definitely be keeping an eye out on what they include in future boxes.


  • Affordable price, good value for money
  • Free worldwide shipping!
  • Unique variety of beauty products (skincare, makeup, beauty tools and more)
  • Discovering new Japanese products and brands


  • No option to select colour for beauty products so you may receive items that don’t suit you.
  • Very mixed bunch of products that are not always the best quality



Where to buy?

The NMNL box costs $29.95 (USD) monthly including free worldwide shipping and can be purchased at No Make No Life. There are usually special promo codes that provide discount or freebies for their boxes so be sure to check their website or instagram for promos if you’re thinking of subscribing.

Have any of you tried NMNL before or are currently subscribed to any other interesting subscription boxes?

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post, this subscription box was bought and paid for with my money. This post contains some affiliate links. If you purchase anything through them I get a small commission. However, I only promote products and brands I have tried and liked.  All thoughts and opinions stated are my own. For more information about my policies on reviews, copyright and more, please click here.

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