Review: Lily May Mac Collection Lipstick Satin Cream

Lily May Mac Lipstick Collection Satin Cream Flatlay Jewellery Accessories

Lily May Mac recently released her own line of lipsticks exclusively with Showpo and I was excited to try it out for myself. Her previous collaboration with 3CE x Lily May Mac collection was hugely popular and hyped about, and even sold out in multiple stores across Korea (be sure to look out for a review for the 3CE x Lily May Mac lipstick next month!).


The lipstick comes in a pretty white box with metallic gold trim and looks simple yet classy. The lipstick case itself is made of a pale metallic gold plastic with ‘Lily May Mac collection” printed in a matte white colour around the case. I was a little disappointed with the lipstick packaging itself as it felt a little cheap and plastic especially in comparison to the 3CE x Lily May Mac that has a similar price tag yet still felt and looked high quality and premium .

Lipstick & jewellery flatlay

Also, on a side note, I was a little annoyed with how Showpo chose to package the goods for delivery as when my package arrived both the Lipstick boxes were quite squashed and damaged, one significantly more than the other. I’ve order makeup off multiple other online stores before and they at least lightly bubble wrap the goods to prevent it from getting crushed. The lipsticks were just placed into a large thin plastic satchel bag without anything to protect the lipsticks from sliding around and getting damaged during transit.

Lipstick packaging

When twisting the lipstick up or down for the first few turns it makes a weirdly loud clicking noise which at first I thought I had just received a faulty one but both the lipsticks I got made that noise. I guess that it was meant to make that clicking noise, but for me personally I didn’t like it as it made it seem more cheap and plastic. Overall, in terms of packaging I was a little disappointed, as the picture that was advertised made it look so classy and premium, and because I had a little bit of a high expectation since I was comparing it to the 3CE x Lily May Mac lipsticks.

Texture & Swatches

The Lily May Mac Collection Lipstick Satin Cream comes in 3 shades – Naughty Nude, Raunchy Rosehip and Plumping Plum. I only bought 2 of the shades. I chose not to buy the Plumping Plum shade as it looked a little too grey/ash toned for my liking and don’t think it would be an easy colour to pull off for most people. I prefer pink, coral and nude colours myself which is why I chose to purchase the other 2 shades.

Lipstick shades

Naughty Nude is a “perfect nude for all skin tones, this is a subdued shade that’s effortlessly chic. The formula is ultra moisturising and keeps your lips supple for hours.” (1) This shade is basically a beige nude shade that when applied on me looked more like a peachy/coral nude.  Naughty Nude would have to be my favourite shade since I love nude shades, and can see myself rocking this every day, but to be honest I love both a lot and Raunchy Rosehip is a very close second.

Raunchy Rosehip is a “staple in Lily’s beauty arsenal; this shade is soft, feminine and slightly sheer.” (2) This shade is a pretty girly soft pink that is very delicate looking which I think would suit more skin tones than the Naughty Nude shade.

Lipstick Swatches
Lily May Mac Lipstick shades (Left: Naughty Nude, Right: Raunchy Rosehip)

Both of the lipsticks are fairly moisturising and have a creamy texture. I found that even without applying lip balm beforehand the lipstick applied evenly and didn’t feel drying, but personally I think it’s best to apply lip balm before application as it dries to a semi-matte finish which means any dry flaky patches on your lips will be more obviously seen. Also, the lipsticks have a slightly strange and not a particular nice smell to them, it’s a little hard to describe but reminds me a bit of clay.  Luckily it’s not overly strong and once applied on your lips you can’t smell it.

Lipstick swatches
Lily May Mac Lipstick swatches (Left: Raunchy Rosehip, Right: Naughty Nude)

In terms of the wear, the lipsticks are not long-lasting and don’t adhere to lips or leave a tint, so touch-ups will be needed throughout the day. I found it to quite easily transfer especially after eating or drinking something so I had to touch-up a few times whilst I was out.

Wearing lipsticks
Wearing: Left: Naughty Nude, Right: Raunchy Rosehip)

IngredientsLipstick Ingredients

Product amount

3 grams

Final Thoughts


  • Nice, creamy and fairly moisturising semi-matte lipstick
  • Lovely wearable everyday shades that should suit most skin tones


  • Packaging feels a little cheap and plastic
  • Not particularly long-lasting and easily transfers
  • A little pricey considering the overall quality



Where to buy?

The Lily May Mac lipsticks cost $29.95 each and can be purchased exclusively through Showpo, here’s a link to her website that links to Showpo:


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