Review: No Make No Life (NMNL) June Subscription Box

No Make No Life NMNL June Subcription Box Makeup Skincare Review

No Make No Life (NMNL) is a Tokyo-based subscription box company that delivers monthly boxes of goodies ranging from skincare, makeup and other beauty products. This company are also behind the monthly subscription boxes Tokyo Treat and Yume Twins. The name for the NMNL box comes from a popular Japanese phrase “nomakenolife” that is commonly used by those in Japan who believe makeup is an essential part of their life. Their philosopy is to curate and deliver high-quality and unique japanese beauty products that will help to improve your daily beauty routine.

Each month’s box of products are sent out in a simple tough black cardboard box with the brand initials “nmnl” printed on the front. The NMNL boxes always have a theme and for June, this was ‘2-in-1 beauty products’.

No Make No Life NMNL June Subscription Box Review Unboxing

In this month’s NMNL Box I received a total of 5 beauty and skincare products. So now let’s take a look at what was inside this month’s box!

Angel Recipe All In One Essence

Angel Recipe All In One Essence

The Angel Recipe All In One Essence is a clear and lightweight gel formula that has little white micro bubbles that burst when spread on you skin. It contains ingredients such as collagen, vitamin C and arbutin. The essence is meant to nourish and brighten skin, even out skin discolouration and more. The gel absorbs quite quickly into the skin and would be suited for use during summer as it is lightweight but may not be moisturising enough for those with drier skin types. There is also a slight scent that fades very quickly after application. The Angel Recipe essence retails for 1000 yen (around $9 USD).


Country & Stream Honey UV Water Gel

Country & Stream Honey UV Water Gel

The Country & Stream Honey UV Water Gel is a honey and lemon scented watery gel based sunscreen that can be used for both the face and body. It contains honey, royal jelly extract, a range of different collagens and many more skin friendly ingredients. In terms of texture it is nice watery, light and moisturising gel that doesn’t leave a white cast on the skin like most sunscreen products. I quite like the overall texture but the scent I can do without as it has quite a strong artificial perfume smell. For that reason, I don’t think I’d use this for my face but will definitely use it as a body sunscreen. This UV water gel retails for 900 yen ($8 USD).

Lumi Deco Nail Decal

Lumi Deco Nail Decal

For these Lumi Deco Nail Decals there was 2 possible designs that you could randomly receive – a pastel blue design or a flowery white and pink design. I would have much preferred the pastel blue nail decals as it’s much more my style. What is special about these nail decals and the reason it belongs in this “2 in 1 theme” are that these are not your average nail stickers. The Lumi Deco Nail Decals include 16 standard nail stickers, a nail file and 1 special light up nail sticker that upon contact with a phone device that emits an NFC signal or an electronic money card (such as travel cards) will light up! I tested this out by tapping the nail decal pack on my phone and it did light up but found that it wasn’t always 100% and only lit up part the time. This could be due to me having a phone case on and the nail sticker still being inside the packaging and covered in layers of cardboard. These Deco Nail Decals retail for 1250 yen ($11.15 USD).

Candy Doll Lip & Cheek Cream

Candy Doll Lip & Cheek Cream

This Candy Doll product doubles as a lip colour and a blusher to help simplify and quicken up your daily makeup routine. This lip and cheek cream has a smooth creamy texture that is easy to blend into the skin and dries to a semi-matte finish. As a blush it gives a nice girly pink flushed look that is very wearable and pretty.  Although, as a lip colour it is a bit too light as it comes off as a pastel pink and almost makes me look a little sickly. This retails for 880 yen ($7.85 USD).

Make Up Block Beauty Tools

Make Up Block Beauty Tools

The last product I received is this mini travel sized make up tool that comes with 3 stackable attachments – an eyebrow, lip and a screw brush.  I couldn’t find the retail price online but I think on the packaging label it says it retails for 900 yen ($8 USD). Out of all the products from the box I was least impressed with this one and not sure if it would really be worth 900 yen. The brushes feel decent at best but are more like a product you’d buy at a dollar store. The packaging feels quite cheap and plasticky. I guess this could be good for use on a short weekend trip to pack lighter but wouldn’t see myself bringing it along on any longer trips as not sure if it would hold up well for long-term usage.

The overall value is approximately $44 USD which is more than I paid for the box so I definitely got my values worth. My favourite items of the bunch are the Candy Doll Lip & Cheek Cream, as I’d see myself using this as a blushe, and also the Nail Decal, as it’s quite unique. Although, I am a little disappointed with the cheap and flimsy looking makeup tool that was included. On a whole, I am quite satisfied with this month’s box.



  • Affordable price, good value for money
  • Free worldwide shipping!
  • Good mix of different types of beauty products
  • Discovering unique products and brands from Japan


  • No option to select colour for beauty products so you may receive items that don’t suit you e.g. the Candy Doll Lip & Cheek cream and the Nail Decal



Where to buy?

The NMNL box costs $29.95 (USD) monthly including free worldwide shipping and can be purchased at No Make No Life. There are usually special promo codes that provide discount or freebies for their boxes so be sure to check their website or instagram for promos if you’re thinking of subscribing.

Have any of you tried NMNL before or are currently subscribed to any other interesting subscription boxes?

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post, this subscription box was bought and paid for with my money. This post contains some affiliate links. If you purchase anything through them I get a small commission. However, I only promote products and brands I have tried and liked.  All thoughts and opinions stated are my own. For more information about my policies on reviews, copyright and more, please click here.

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  1. I subscribed to a beauty box in the past but I didn’t feel like that one was worth it! The essence sounds like it could be good for under moisturiser though 🙂 x

    Velvet Blush

    1. Awww that’s a shame, they are fun to try though. I have only tried a couple of them and this was the best value so far. That’s a good idea! Some moisturiser after that essence would definitely be better as own its own it isn’t moisturising enough.