My Current Morning Skincare Routine 

Morning Skincare Routine FlatlayI have to admit I’m not really a morning person and find that I am always dragging my feet whilst getting ready for the day. That being said, I never forget to show my skin some love by applying a basic skincare routine at bare minimum because it’s always important to take care of your skin at any age to prevent signs of aging and protect your precious skin! In light of that, I thought I’d share with you my current morning skincare routine.

Cleansing Products

    1. First up in my skincare routine is of course, cleansing. My cleanser of choice these days is the Innisfree Jeju Volcanic pore cleansing foam which leaves my skins feeling soft and clean.
    2. After washing my face, I like to follow up with a toner to make sure my face is well cleansed and ready for moisturising. I like to use the Mamonde Rose Water toner as it feels super refreshing, smells like a bouquet of fresh roses and helps to add moisture back into my skin!
    3. That’s it for the cleansing part of my routine. Now on to moisturising. I love to spritz a generous amount of the Avene Thermal Spring Water spray to give my skin an extra boost of moisture before applying any other products.

Protecting Skin Products

    1. Next I apply the Too Cool For School Rules of Skincare Eye-Contour Roll-On under my eyes and above the brow bone. I love how this eye cream has a cooling effect and like to roll it along my eye area for a minute or so to help reduce any puffiness from lack of sleep due to late nights.
    2. Right before my moisturiser I pour out some of the Missha Time Revolution The First Essence Intensive into my hands and pat gently into my skin to absorb. The essence makes my skin feel soft, smooth and well moisturised.
    3. Now time for some sun protection. My go-to face sunscreen at the moment is the La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Extreme Fluid sunscreen which like the name says, it a very watery sunscreen. I love to use this for my face as unlike other sunscreens it doesn’t leave a white cast on your face and because of the liquid consistency doesn’t feel heavy on the skin like many other sunscreens. But not to worry, the liquid consistency doesn’t make it any less effective at protecting your skin from the sun as it still has 50+ SPF!Last Step Moisturise Products
    4. Next up I apply and massage the Innisfree Green Tea balancing cream to my face and neck to seal in all the moisture I just added in. Innisfree’s Green Tea skincare line is one of my favourites from their whole range and this cream is definitely one of my favourite creams to use, and is already my 3rd tub! What I love about this cream it that it leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth and moisturised without being to thick or heavy so won’t leave my face shiny like an oil slick!
    5. Lastly, I can’t forget to give my lips a bit of love too by using the Innisfree Eco Flower Tint Lip Balm in #2 Garden Balsam to prevent dry chapped lips and add a subtle pop of colour! Now my face is prepped and ready for the day or to apply makeup!

What’s your current morning skincare routine like? Would love to know!

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  1. I haven’t heard a lot about these products so I’m glad you spoke about them! I need to try them out (: great post

    1. Thanks! You should definitely try some of them out if you can find them. I especially love the Mamonde rose toner, Missha essence and the Innisfree green tea cream! Glad you enjoyed reading it! 😃💕

    1. I’ve been using it for a bit over a month now and haven’t seen any drastic changes or anything. But it is a good cleanser that helped to remove any remaining makeup that my remover missed, and it’s not drying for the skin too.