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I know I’ve said this a few times already but wow, 2017 is really flying by and it’s already more than halfway through the year!  A new month means it’s time for a new monthly favourites – June Favourites. Here are some things that I loved in June.


Innisfree Waterfit Cushion Foundation Case

Innisfree Waterfit Cushion Foundation Inside

Innisfree Water Fit Cushion

I tried this out for the first time last month and really enjoyed using this. It was light and gave me a “my skin but better” look. The Water Fit Cushion has a medium coverage but is buildable to a stronger coverage if desired. The cushion claims to give deep hydration, which it definitely does! I love that these Innisfree cushions have alot of custom cases to choose from and love the simple design of mine. This was actually given to me for my birthday this year by my aunt and cousin in a k-beauty package along with a lot of other makeup and skincare goodies. I’ll be posting a review of this at a later time.

Brigitte Japanese Brown Liquid Eyeliner

Brigitte Brown Liquid Eyeliner

This is another new product I began using in June and loved it! I actually got this eyeliner as a part of one of my previous No Make No Life boxes (the April box which I actually forgot to review, woops!). I love using liquid eyeliners as they are usually very opaque and easy to create sharp precise lines. I love that I received this eyeliner in brown as I find that black liquid eyeliners can sometimes be a bit too harsh and unnatural especially for use in day time. This Brigitte eyeliner is a nice dark brown, almost black but not too dark. I wore this eyeliner out for a full day, for more than 10 hours and during a concert.  And, even after wearing it for an entire day and lots of sweatiness from being stuck in a mosh pit the eyeliner didn’t budge. Although, the eyeliner from the inner corners of my eye had smudged away a bit. This tends to happen all the time for me as my double eyelids have a lot of creases, especially in the inner corners of my eyes, that results in eyeliner or eyeshadow rubbing off from the friction when I blink.


Innisfree Orchid Enriched Cream

Innisfree Orchid Enriched Cream

Innisfree has a lot of popular products and this was one that I hadn’t tried yet. This was my go-to night cream after I finished using my tub of Innisfree Green Tea balancing cream. The Innisfree Orchid Cream is a little heavier and more hydrating than the Innisfree Green Tea Balancing cream which is perfect for me to use now as my skin has been drier lately. The cream has a nice smooth texture that is very moisturising but without being too thick or clogging pores.

Ellips Hair Nutri Colour Hair Vitamin Capsules

Ellips Hair Nutri Colour Hair Vitamin

These Ellips Hair Vitamins are not the edible type of vitamins but instead, are actually little hair capsules full of hair serum that contain Moroccan Oil and more. I bought these whilst I was in Singapore this year but I’ve actually used these before a couple of years ago in a different capsule type – the Hair Treatment and Hair Vitality ones. This time around I tried the Nutri Colour capsules that is for chemically coloured hair since I recently bleached and dyed my hair. I loved their other capsule types so no surprise that I loved these too! They are very travel friendly, add lots of moisture back into dry hair and smell nice too. A single capsule holds plenty of serum, so one is more than enough for even the longest or thickest hair. I got these for my sister a few years back and it’s now have favourite hair serum – she always asks me to buy more for her when I’m in Singapore!


MCM Small Stark Odeon Backpack

I bought this cute backpack during my Korea trip in 2016 and it was definitely a splurge buy. I’m not usually the one to buy branded goods so this is by far the most expensive bag I own. For that reason, I never really brought it out and protected this bag like it were my baby! I was too worried to bring it out when it was raining, or even any where too crowded where my bag may get squished (haha, yes I’m very overprotective of it!). I just couldn’t bear to get it dirty as it was just too precious to me so I only brought it out with me during “special occasions”. In June, I finally took my MCM Backpack out of it’s dustbag and started use it more regularly as I thought to myself, what was the point of buying it if I am never going to use it!


Produce 101 Season 2 – Never & Open Up (Knock), Always, Hands On Me

Produce 101 season 2 finally came to an end in June and I enjoyed watching all the performances. I loved a lot of the original songs created for the show and here are some of them. After I heard these 2 concept tracks, ‘Never’ and ‘Open Up‘, I instantly added them to my playlist! Both of them are awesome songs but I find that I am more drawn to the deep house track ‘Never’. It has an energetic and addictive beat that makes you want to get up and dance. For their finale they performed 3 different tracks, out of them I liked both ‘Always’  and ‘Hands On Me’. ‘Always’ is a sweet ballad which is a nice change as most of the songs performed on the show were fast paced tracks. It was a fitting final song for the show and it allowed all of them to showcase their voices more. To be quite honest, when I had initially heard a preview of ‘Hands On Me’ I didn’t quite like it but after hearing it a couple of times I got hooked. It’s fun and funky, and just super catchy.

Sistar – Lonely

Sistar is (or I should say was) one of my all time favourite kpop girl groups and they recently disbanded. They are all now separately pursuing their own careers, some in acting and others still in the singing scene. I was of course quite sad to hear the news but glad they are all happy and doing what they love. No doubt, I loved their final 2 songs releases ‘For You’ and ‘Lonely’. For me ‘Lonely’ was the track that I loved just that bit more as it felt like a nice goodbye and farewell song for fans. It has the Sistar sound even though it is a slower track than their usual bubbly title songs.



I recently started watching Gotham, and I know I’m a little late to the party as there’s already three seasons out. I am the binge watching type so I usually prefer waiting for a season (or in this case – three) to end before starting to watch a show. Waiting for a new episode each week frustrates me especially for shows that may have cliffhangers.  I like the overall dark feel of ‘Gotham’, it’s got a similar vibe as Daredevil and Jessica Jones. The show is set in Gotham with the main character, James Gordon (played by Ben McKenzie), a righteous cop stuck in a city full of corruption and criminals. ‘Gotham’ is set in the time before Batman and features a young Bruce Wayne. I love how it shows Bruce Wayne’s childhood and growth on his journey to becoming Batman. The actors on the show are just perfect for all their roles.

What were some of your favourites this month? Also, are you the binge-watching type too? Or, do you just like to watch shows as they are released each week?

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